[styledbox type=”information” ]We offer a range of services and as the Academy develops and grows we will add to this list.  If you would like any more information on what we do, please email bass2bass@hotmail.co.uk.  [/styledbox]


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Amp repair etc

Flightcases wiring

Speaker box building

Speaker box refurbishment

Speaker repair & Reconing

Power Distrubution Box Building

Multicore  wiring

Speakon and Speaker wiring


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Sound Engineer

Sound system Troubleshooter

Venue Installation and Maintenance

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Castor Wheels

Loudspeakers & Tweeters Compression Drivers

Power Distribution boxes

Screw & T-Nuts Bolts

Speaker Cable

Speaker Grills

Speaker Wadding

Speakon plugs, Sockets & Plates

Power Amps


Speaker Management Systems

2/3/4/5 Way crossovers


Digital Effects

Dub Sirens


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Equipment Repair classes

Power Amp Building classes

Pre Amp Building

Dub Siren Building

Power Distrubution Box Building

Basic Soldering classes

How to Build your own Speaker Boxes classes

How to use different Equipment classes (Speaker management/compression/ratio/Bass ehancers/Etc)

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DJ Hire

Equipment Hire

Van Hire

Equipment Storage

Equipment Testing Area

Flyer Design

Website Consultant

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