The Academy

The Vision

We have an exciting vision for a new sound academy dedicated to sound systems and use as a multi-purpose centre, with a range of facilities that can be accessed by the industry, the immediate community, youth groups and organisations.

The centre will be music focused, tapping into the expertise of the British Academy of Sound Systems members and industry professionals, providing training for upcoming djs, producers, sound technicians and anyone interested in running their own sound system business.

The Academy would like to capture for prosperity all the elements that celebrates, recognises and acknowledges the contribution and influence sound systems have had, and continues to have on the black British culture in the UK by housing the only museum.

The Centre will provide a rich mixture of cultural and personal development, business skills training for people.  Its aim will be to equip those serious about pursuing a career path in sound systems or associated professions with the necessary support, rudimentary training and advice to enable sound systems to go forward and realise their potential and aspirations.

Why a sound academy you may ask?

Acknowledging that sounds have been in the UK for decades there appears to be little change or progress within the industry.  This could be considered what makes it such an authentic business; things have flourished at an organic pace.

But we should have some organisation, standards and unity within the industry. At the moment sharing best practice is ad hoc; how do you keep up with latest trends? Demand good service from the companies or businesses that sounds spend hundreds and thousands of pounds with each year; do they appreciate the true worth of the industry?

When we started gathering information see our survey results from our roadshow around the country, it confirmed that those who run sounds are serious spenders and were crying out for decent facilities and services. In response to these findings and having been a part of the industry, we want to give back something positive to the business.

Making it a reality

This is a major project and to achieve this dream we are approaching businesses across the country to ask if they would contribute by donating funds or equipment to the centre.

We are also asking sound system members to volunteer their services and expertise to run the centre; inviting event organisers for their support by allowing us to have a stand at their events to publicise this venture; the sound system enthusiast to support our fundraising events by attending or donating to the project. In addition, we are sourcing for appropriate funding.

How you can help?

Why not donate; offer your expertise; help with fundraising events; spread the word; or if you’re an event organiser, allow us the opportunity to publicise our venture at your event or even become a member of the British Academy of Sound Systems from now.

We hope you will help us to realise the vision and give your support, no matter how small.

Being in the formative stages why not have your say? Leave your comments in the blog or take part in our online survey.

How do you benefit?

Sound System members/enthusiasts:

A space to share your passion with like-minded people and benefit from resources and facilities specific to your industry.


A range of educational and recreational facilities, services open to all age groups.


Closer involvement with the local community and recognition for that commitment.

Keeping you informed

For news, latest events or to keep up to date with developments, signup  to our blog.

If you would like to find out more about us or feel you would like to get involved contact us:


 British Academy of Sound Systems

Tel: 07963 714536

Email: bass2bass@hotmail.co.uk